L600 Facial Recognition Smart Lock
The Smart Lock L600 comes with 3D Facial Recognition, Passcode, Key Card, App, and Mechanical Key. 
Security chips and multiple sensors have been embedded in the lock for real-time monitoring. 
The lock is designed for users of all ages and various environments. 
The appearance is also designed for elegance, simplicity, and ergonomics.
It is easy, safe, and powerful!
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Your key is always on face
A key that is impossible to lose.
The Smart Lock L600 comes with 3D Facial Recognition that recognizes your face in just 0.4 seconds and unlocks simultaneously your door. It is faster than fumbling for your keys. Furthermore, it is designed to fully operate even in full darkness.  The L600 is a brand new generation of smart locks.
Advanced security technology
Security is important to all of us to protect information on our smart locks.
The latest 3D recognition security chip is designed for using Anti-counterfeiting Binoculus Algorithm and detecting the depth of the facial features. The above designs are in order to protect against spoofing by masks or 2D digital photographs.
Stylish design
The appearance combines stylish design and classic matte black, which is more elegant and graceful. More than that, the facial recognition panel with a perfect angle of 13°. This ergonomic design is suitable for users of all ages and looks great in blend into any type of door.
Multiple ways to unlock
Unlock it with your way. 
You can choose any of the 5 ways to unlock the L600 smart lock. Access remotely via the WAFERKEY App, or by using the 3D facial recognition, key card, and passcode. More than that, the entry method of the mechanical key is a key when you necessary needs no mobile or key card. The above adds, you will never be locked out again.
High-security protection
● Automatic Locking: When your door is closed and locks it automatically, keeping your home secure when you’re in a hurry.
● Withstands any season: Works in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C.
● Achieve the CNS60A certification from Taiwan and provide fire-proof lock protection for your property.
● Concealed fixing screws for greater security and improved aesthetics.
Easy operation and Stylish design
● The lock faceplate is made of die casting Zinc Alloy with hair polishing finish, and the fashion design fits to all kinds of latest front doors.
● An easy-to-use electronic locking platform.
● Voice Indication: Three versions in English, Chinese, and Mute notify user locking status at any time.
● Panic exit: Can always open the door with one push-down handle from inside.
● Large storage capacity: It can accommodate up to 2,000 users.
Long battery life
● Number of openings: Up to 7,000 - 30,000 depending on the technology.
● Acoustic low power warning: Never worry about out of battery power and lock outside.
● Emergency supply power: If the smart lock runs out of power before you have had the chance to replace batteries, it simply uses a 9V battery for emergency access.
● Power-saving design: The smart lock's circuits wake up only when it is used.
Living Houses / Smart Communities
The solutions could be applied for All scales of residence project as simple as an individual unit or complex as a whole community. 
With high secure access control system, water and dust proof hardware, and centralized monitoring system.
Access Solutions
Facial Recognition / Key Card / Passcode / App / Mechanical Key
Number of users
Facial Recognition: 50
Key Card & Passcode: 2000
Wireless Technologies
MIFARE / Bluetooth (option)
Door thickness
40mm to 100mm
Power Source
CR123A lithium battery x 2pcs
Indoor power supply: 12V
Emergency access: 9V battery
Battery Life
Number of openings: Up to 7,000 - 30,000 depending on the technology
Operation Temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C
Protection Class
Access Control
App For Small Business
Technical Drawing
(Unit: mm)
L600 DM
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