Smart Building

As the industry leader for smart and safety home products manufacturers in Taiwan, WAFERLOCK has been working hard on how to effectively manage various information with facility together, to integrate wiring and systems and to bring in energy saving and innovative design in buildings. WAFERLOCK expects that users of these buildings can obtain the greatest satisfaction, both physically and psychologically. Thus, started from ourselves, WAFERLOCK took experience and advantages accumulated in making of software and hardware for many years to further develop a forward-looking and contemporary high-quality architectural concept. With the adoption of the concept, WAFERLOCK likes to carry out a safety, healthy, convenient, comfortable, energy-saving, and humanized living space.
Located in Taichung Science Park, the headquarter of WAFERLOCK is adopted with an access control system developed by its own R&D center to effectively and timely manage access and attendance of employees. In office areas, embracements of IC Robots WAFERGO, Smart Lockers WAFERBOX, and easy-to-install and multi-functional VoIP simplify needs of manpower effectively, promote information sharing among colleagues speedily and improve teamwork efficiently. In the whole building with open design, the Building Automation System (BA), constructed under cloud-based devices, integrates the HVAC, electric lighting, access control, security and disaster prevention system and other systems wisely and plans to be monitored, controlled, adjusted and managed automatically, in order to effectively utilize the functions of each system, to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, to improve environmental safety and comfort and to extend life of equipment and buildings.

Heating, Ventilation, Air-conditioning and Cooling (HVAC)

By controlling indoor temperature, humidity and air quality, users can maintain the health and comfort of the environment in each area of the building and can also take into account the others’ feelings when meeting the requirements of the building.

Electric Lighting System

According to different situations and numbers of people, users combine various sensors of public spaces and conference rooms to automatically control light switches, curtain adjustment and switches of other electrical equipment.

Access Control System

Combined with the facial recognition technology with the cloud access control system, the company can achieve a comprehensive non-contact management for the access control of employees. On the other hand, the parking is assisted by automatic license plate recognition (LPR/ANPR) and parking space guidance systems to speed up the traffic flow.

Security and Disaster Prevention System

The entire area of the building is equipped with intelligent disaster prevention system, SOS system, security system and water leakage warning system, so that the safety monitoring of the entire building can be impervious.

Standard of Eco-friendly Corporations

WAFERLOCK is willing to embrace innovation as the basis for our growth and the driving force for breakthroughs and to invest more resources and energy in green technologies to produce sustainable products with high quality and low energy consumption. We believe that corporate growth and environment protection should not be mutually exclusive. Thus, we integrate green management into daily operations and strive to carry out climate change and energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control through introducing innovative manufacturing technologies. Our goal is to become the global standard of eco-friendly corporations.