L396 Fingerprint Smart Lock
L396 inherits all the advantages of previous generations of smart electronic locks, and the new development brings more convenient and safer functions to meet the various needs of daily intelligent life, such as multiple unlocking solutions and top security technology.
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Unlock with One Finger
The 3D biometric fingerprint chip provides a high security environment, and it makes security assured at your fingers. Fingerprint sensor is also integrated into the handle, and the high identification rate can recognize your fingerprint in just 0.3 seconds. Touch the sensor to unlock the door in a tiny gap.
My Own Style - 5 in 1 Lock
Convenient access solutions are suitable for all ages and various unlocking situations. 
L396 has the 5 unlocking access solutions including Fingerprint, Passcode, Card, App, and a mechanical keys are also attached, which can be used as the last option in an emergency situation. The keyhole is hidden inside the lock with a sliding cover design to maintain a gorgeous appearance.
Practicality and Elegance
The panel is integrally cast with Zinc Alloy to enhance the durability of daily use. 3-layers electroplating process combines the fashion and subdued black satin finishing for all design styles front doors. Ergonomic design, it is easy for you to unlock the door.
WAFERKEY is a user-friendly and a high security platform for remote access control of mobile phones. This app also supports flexible access management including recurring, temporary, and one-time access by assigning special privileges to friends, or family members. You are able to share access at any given time, anywhere, and keep track of your lock history.
High-security protection
● Achieve the CNS60A certification from Taiwan and provide fire-proof lock protection for your property.
● Automatic Locking: When your door is closed and locks it automatically, keeping your home secure when you’re in a hurry.
● Withstands any season: Works in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C.
● Concealed fixing screws for greater security and improved aesthetics.
Easy operation and Stylish design
● The lock face plate is integrally cast with Zinc Alloy to enhance the durability of daily use. 
● 3-layers electroplating process combines the fashion and subdued black satin finishing fits to all kinds of latest front doors.
● Voice Indication: Three versions in English, Chinese, and Mute notify user locking status at any time.
● Panic exit: Can always open the door with one push-down handle from inside.
● Large storage capacity: It can accommodate up to 2,000 users.
Long battery life
● Number of openings: Up to 30,000.
● Acoustic low power warning: Never worry about out of battery power and lock outside.
● Emergency supply power: If the smart lock runs out of power before you have had the chance to replace batteries, it simply uses a 9V battery for emergency access.
● Power-saving design: The smart lock's circuits wake up only when it is used.
Living Houses / Smart Communities
The solutions could be applied for All scales of residence project as simple as an individual unit or complex as a whole community. 
With high secure access control system, water and dust proof hardware, and centralized monitoring system.
Access Solutions
Fingerprint / Key Card / Passcode / App / Mechanical Key
Number of users
Fingerprint: 50
Key Card & Passcode: 2000
Wireless Technologies
MIFARE / Bluetooth (option)
Door thickness
40mm to 100mm
Power Source
CR123A lithium battery x 2pcs
Indoor power supply: 12V
Emergency access: 9V battery
Battery Life
Number of openings: Up to 30,000
Operation Temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C
Protection Class
Access Control
App For Small Business
Technical Drawing
(Unit: mm)
L396 User Manual
L396 Installation Manual
L396 DM
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