LEED Introduction

LEED is an international green building certification program developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. It is mainly used to promote sustainable building development and practice in sustainable design and construction. At present, more than 150 countries have LEED certification cases and thus it is the most well-known and credible green building certification in the world. 

We achieved LEED Platinum certification

WAFERLOCK in the Central Taiwan Science Park is the factory office building that has attained USA LEED Platinum certification.

Our success comes from keeping faith and teamwork. We decided to pursue green building from the beginning of the design process. Then, in conjunction with construction management, the application of smart devices to manage the building and of course, most importantly, teamwork. In the end, those are what make us stand out.

Adopts an energy-saving system and green materials

100% rainwater reuse to water plants and flush toilets

24-hour indoor air quality monitoring to ensure auto exchange of fresh air

The windows are positioned to capture natural light during the day

A west-facing green wall prevents western exposure

Alclad siding and mineral wool lining obstruct heat conduction and cool down indoor temperature for better energy saving

Solar panels on the roof generate energy storage and block out direct heat from the sun

Well-designed BA system achieves smart energy saving

Adheres to adoptions of LED

Consumption of light only for needs to substantially reduce light pollution