C200 Electronic Padlock
C200 may be small, but complete in every detail. It is one of the perfect solutions to replace your traditional padlock with this smart C200. It brings more convenient and safer functions to meet the various needs of daily intelligent life.
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Protected against harsh environments
IP67 water resistance and dust protection for critical environments and extreme climates. C200 is built with durability in mind and can effectively withstand harsh conditions. This way, users can rest assured that their smart keys will work normally no matter how tough the surroundings get.
Long Battery Life
C200 is a smart Padlock with long battery life which lasts up to 150,000 door openings. Acoustic low power warning let you never worry about out of battery power.
Simple but Practical
C200 has the most suitable unlock method, Key Card for all generations to replace the traditional mechanical key solution.
High-security protection
● Anti-Drill protection for your property.
● Carbon/Stainless steel knob design to prevent corrosion and rust.
● Withstands any season: Works in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C.
● High quality materials for greater security and improved aesthetics.
Easy operation and retrofitting
● The locking structure is 100% same as the mechanical design.
● An easy-to-use electronic locking platform.
● Large storage capacity: It can accommodate up to 1,000 users for key card recognition.
Long battery life
● Number of openings: Up to 150,000.
● Acoustic low power warning: Never worry about out of battery and lock outside.
● Power-saving design: The smart lock's circuits wake up only when it is used.
Offices / Commercial Buildings
Access control requirement at all areas in side the buildings can be fulfilled.
WAFERLOCK provides secure and reliable solution for smart buildings including software and hardware such as access control systems, smart locks, and accessories. 
Access Solutions
Key Card
Number of users
Key Card: 2,000
Wireless Technologies
MIFARE / NFC (Android)
Power Source
CR2 lithium battery x 1pc
Battery Life
Number of openings: Up to 150,000
Operation Temperature
-20°C ~ 60°C
Protection Class
Access Control
Data On Card + API
Hotel Locking System
Data On Card
Technical Drawing
(Unit: mm)
C200 User Manual
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