Hotel Property Management System (HPMS) can issue different type of cards for each purpose, which is specially designed for hotel access control. In order to manage a volume of hotel guests and hotel personnel, HPMS has distinguished and organized hotel cards by its function such as guest cards, service cards, manager cards, set door no. cards, emergency cards, and so on. No matter you are hotel receptionist or technicians, you will be able to learn the operation of this handy system easily in short period of time. API interface is also available for the PMS integration.

Access Control

WAFERLOCK provides several software systems for different applications, so the systems can fit into the users’ demands. User friendly interface and simple commands help all users learn the system in a short period of time. With own system code, it is unbeatable to store the authorization and records as far as security concern. Security and Simplicity are the top priority to design these systems.

Smart Home

WAFERLOCK smart home system seamlessly links with your home access control.